Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chinese Pedophile wants some Masturbation!

You: hey
Stranger: hi
You: asl?
Stranger: china
Stranger: 20
Stranger: m
Stranger: yours?
You: 12.f.usa
Stranger: wow a little girl~
You: so?
You: rnt china all pedophiles?
Stranger: what's your hobby ~
You: sex with my daddy
You: ya
Stranger: you are too young~
You: no im not
You: im a big girl
Stranger: how big are you ?
You: big
You: :0
You: yeah
You: ive played with like 30 guys in mys chool
You: i like my dad more tho
You: he felt my vajayjay
Stranger: wow ur cool
You: no im hot
Stranger: can you show me your photo?
You: no sry china is peodphiles
You: im not alowed to have sex with peodpohiles
You: r u sure?
Stranger: of course
Stranger: i'm22
You: ... you just fucked up ya pedophile
You: you said 20
You: fucking retard
Stranger: dare?
You: k
Stranger: ?
You: Stranger: china
Stranger: 20
Stranger: m
You: Stranger: i'm22
hes a retard lol
Stranger: just write it down because it's too near
Stranger: wrong
Stranger: are you dare to try?
You: huh?
Stranger: just give me your msn
You: ok

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