Sunday, June 28, 2009

What a creep!

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hey
Stranger: some hot chick please send me nudes
You: k
You: il send u some
Stranger: sweet
You: im is that ok?
You: ??
Stranger: sure
You: lol
You: k
You: what about my lil sis
You: shes
Stranger: thats pushin it a little, but ok
You: ok
You: what about my bro? 14
Stranger: no
You: k
You: im takin them now
You: brb need to get a dif camera
You: this 1 is full
Stranger: k
You: o
You: would a vid work?
Stranger: sure
You: k um
You: wait like 10 secs
You: and ill have it
Stranger: k
Stranger: nice. keep going
You: would 1 with my bf work
Stranger: sure
You: k im gona upload it
You: its my first
You: so plz dont give it 2 anyone
Stranger: of coarse
You: 50% done
Stranger: k
You: u know how to play that file type right?
Stranger: no
Stranger: oit wants me to buy something
You: hm
You: idk which one i use
You: there
You: that one should work
Stranger: it won't
You: hm
You: here
You: use that
Stranger: won't work
You: hm
You: well
You: idk
You: want more pictures?
Stranger: sure. use
You: theres a movie that i aready uploaded
You: its like my third time i think
You: like it? :)
You: lol noone click that.
You have disconnected.

Incest? Who knows.

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi
Stranger: a real person?
You: no
You: im a r0b0t
You: im guna rape your moms ass with my metal dick
Stranger: can i watch?
You: no
You: she only likes her daughter to watch
Stranger: will u at least video it?
You: then i rape her daughters pussy
You: and no she only like pics
Stranger: im her daughter
You: no fuk dude your a guy
Stranger: 年齡、性別、國家?
You: shut up moron
Stranger: im not a mormon
You: idiot.
Stranger: yes
Stranger: I am an idiot
You: anyways i got ur sister pregenant
You: sorry about that
Stranger: shit
Stranger: I thought that was mine
You: and ur mom is gonna have a giant asshole for a long time
Stranger: I call him dad
You: ya her penis is kinda big
Stranger: ug
Stranger: I dont have a response for that
You: anyways they were both so tight and great b4 i fucked them both
Stranger: unless your talking about the penis she keeps in her sock drawer
You: their kinky sluts
Stranger: their or they're
You: anyways ttyl okay? ive got to go fuck ur sis @ the mcdonalds gangbang she planned
You have disconnected.

Aww big girl isn't very nice

Omegle conversation log
Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hey
Stranger: heyy asl
You: 12.f.usa
You: yu?
Stranger: 16 f australia
You: cool
You: r u lesbian?
Stranger: no
You: aww :(
Stranger: sorry kiddo
Stranger: does ur mummy and daddy no you r on here
You: so i gues u wont show me yer big girl boobs?
Stranger: hmm noo
You: aw :{
Stranger: go back to skool kid
You: i am in school
You: im there right now
You: i slept overnight so i wouldnt be late again
Stranger: FUCK get off the computer
You: no they wont know
Stranger: your only 12 yrs old
You: im using my friends login
Stranger: fuckin hell
You: r u mad at me?
You: :(
Stranger: ur really stupid
You: no im not :(
Stranger: yes you r
You: stop yelling at me
Stranger: the skool isnt helping
You: dont make me cal the fbi
Stranger: hahah call the fuckin fbi
You: cool
You: i wonder if theyll let me use their guns
Stranger: yeahh
You: i loev glokse
You: :)
Stranger: what ever kid
You: y r u mad at me
Stranger: cause your prob some chick from stardoll
You: whts thats?
You: my brother says to ask u about robot sex in austrailia
You: do they hav it yet?
Stranger: how old is your brother
You: 5
You: but his dick is big
You: compared to me
Stranger: fuck yep ur some chick from stardoll
You: whts that?
You: whts a stardoll
Stranger: go fuck ur mum
You: y?
You: i cant
You: im a girl
You: how do u fuck another girl
You: i dont get it
You: i thought girls fucked guys
You: >.<
Stranger: fuckin hell
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Chinese Pedophile wants some Masturbation!

You: hey
Stranger: hi
You: asl?
Stranger: china
Stranger: 20
Stranger: m
Stranger: yours?
You: 12.f.usa
Stranger: wow a little girl~
You: so?
You: rnt china all pedophiles?
Stranger: what's your hobby ~
You: sex with my daddy
You: ya
Stranger: you are too young~
You: no im not
You: im a big girl
Stranger: how big are you ?
You: big
You: :0
You: yeah
You: ive played with like 30 guys in mys chool
You: i like my dad more tho
You: he felt my vajayjay
Stranger: wow ur cool
You: no im hot
Stranger: can you show me your photo?
You: no sry china is peodphiles
You: im not alowed to have sex with peodpohiles
You: r u sure?
Stranger: of course
Stranger: i'm22
You: ... you just fucked up ya pedophile
You: you said 20
You: fucking retard
Stranger: dare?
You: k
Stranger: ?
You: Stranger: china
Stranger: 20
Stranger: m
You: Stranger: i'm22
hes a retard lol
Stranger: just write it down because it's too near
Stranger: wrong
Stranger: are you dare to try?
You: huh?
Stranger: just give me your msn
You: ok